Why Not Try Something New?


In my last post I was talking about how I made a fool out of myself and decided to make amends by taking a girl out for dinner with the hope that she could help me get to know the city a little bit more. She said she knew a great place and all I needed to do was show up at 7pm.

So I put on my jeans and shirt, called a cab and I was on my way.

As I arrived I started thinking I may be dressed too casually. Upon entering the restaurant I noticed guys with ties and jackets, and my date was wearing a lovely long dress. As I greeted her, all embarrassed she decided to note that all I was missing was a NYC cap and sandals. So mean.

After the remarks and laughter stopped, she asked me what I wanted order (in case waiter didn’t speak English). I really felt like eating steak and drinking a beer but oh boy, I still didn’t realize who I was messing with.

Right away she replied “So you are in a fancy restaurant in France and instead of ordering some of our fine wines and trying some French cuisine you want a steak and beer?” I was already getting upset thinking how judgmental she was… I can’t even eat what I want?! I simply replied how it would be wasteful if I didn’t like the food.

Before I could finish she fired up an invitation to lunch the next day at her place “My roommate is the best chef I know, she will fix you up something delicious. What’s the point of visiting different places if you eat the same things as when you are back in America?

If I didn’t recommend this place you would probably take me at McDonalds.” As I was rather ‘smart’ back then I asked what would be wrong with McDonalds? Which was replied with immense laughter. At that point I was thinking “How great, now I get to make a fool of myself in front of her roommate as well.”


So we ate and had a great time, stayed there a while and shared a bottle of wine as in her opinion it was practically a sin that I hadn’t tried French wine before. As we finished, I offered to pay and called the waiter, which was a bad decision again but this time I could blame my actions on the wine. I paid for the dinner, gave a good tip to the waiter, and offered to pay for her taxi on our way out. Finally thinking I’ve done something properly she left with remark “Well, well, paying for everything and giving huge tips. You should take me out more often.”

I replied that maybe I would if she stopped being condescending and helped me out a little bit; I am far from home after all.

As she was walking away she said “It’s customary to bring a gift to the host.” Well, in all honesty I did ask for only a little bit of help. At least this time I certainly wouldn’t make a fool out of myself before I even sat down. I was just hoping the French meal her roommate would be making won’t be snails or frog legs I’ve heard so much about.


The next day I went to the store, bought a bottle of wine and made my way to their apartment. I dressed appropriately, greeted them in French, gave each two kisses on the cheek and offered the chef who had my stomach on the line a bottle of wine.

And she started laughing, said something on French and they bought laughed. What in the world did I do now?! Turns out the roommate doesn’t speak English so the girl I went on a date with translated “You said he was flaunting his cash all over restaurant as if he was trying to prove something but when he comes in our home he gets the cheapest wine he could find.” God damn it.

All in all we had a great meal, the girls were great and loved to joke around so much they even apologized.

I suppose it was a rather fun way, although embarrassing, to learn new things.

The one dampener on this whole experience has been the cost of living over here. My brain hasn’t started converting Euro’s into American dollars just yet and I’m chewing through my money.

I’ve looked at a few places to try and get a personal loan and I’ve found a few good ones. I hope it doesn’t get to that but if I keep spending money like this, I think a small loan is going to be the only want to do it.

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  1. Jack that girl seems to be playing with you. Why wouldn’t she tell you its a classy restaurant? She did tell you well that you should try new things, girls do love guys who live a full life ;)

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