World Summary


Of course it does. How could anyone think anything else? It's clearly misogynistic and must end. Repaint the pink!

Oh. It's all a bit of football psychology. Still..Repaint the pink!

Other than the death threats (which I doubt actually happened), I love this story. Here you have a long-standing football tradition that hurt no one. It was put in place to give the home team a little home field advantage. What's wrong with that? I think it's funny and brilliant. It had nothing to do with gender stereotypes or any of the claptrap that the visiting law professor, who in all likelihood never even set foot in the locker room, protested. But being a law professor, the visitor felt not only the obligation but the right and the privilege to tell the Iowa football program what colors are off-limits in its interior paint schemes.

This story shows everything that's wrong with the politically correct dunderheads. They're preening neo-Puritans bent on conforming the world to their very narrow and radical value set. I hope Iowa finds a way to keep the pink and add to it somehow. It would serve the PC busybodies right to be handed a stinging defeat once in a while.


Remember Ashley Smith? I'm sure your pastor--if you're in a Purpose-Driven T church--has used her story of faith and courage to plug Rick Warren's famous book, church programs, etc. Her story was that when taken captive by Brian Nichols, who earlier that day had killed four people while escaping from an Atlanta courthouse where he faced other charges, she read chapter 33 of Warren's The Purpose-Driven Life to him, and that helped convince him that he shouldn't kill her and he should give himself up.

Well. Smith has a new book coming out, in which she confesses that the Warren book had a role.

Nichols, for what it's worth, not only did not become a Purpose-Driven Christian T after meeting Smith. In prison he has reportedly converted to Islam. Purpose-Driven T Islam, no doubt.

Now, am I going to sit here in judgement of Ashley Smith for her actions? Well, no. But I am going to hurl a bit of fury at Warren for using her story to promote his book, and at pastors who swallowed it whole, and used it in their sermons both as a way to build support for Purpose-Driven programs and for surpressing dissent against those programs.

Warren met with Smith shortly after her ordeal. She confessed all of the details to police immediately after it happened, and probably confessed them to Warren as well. The extremely relevant fact that she led her sermon with hits of meth somehow got lost in the shuffle when it came time to flog Smith's story to promote the book. Warren owes his flocks an explanation, unless he intends to incorporate crystal meth hits into his programs and unless he thinks it's fine that his supposedly Christian book may have led a man to Islam.