World Summary


Powerline of the 61st Minute fame is deconstructing former CBS producer Mary Mapes' book about Rathergate. As of PL's reading of Chapter 1, Mapes is still passing off leftwing conspiracy theories, still clueless as to why her documents have been proven to be frauds, and is still outright lying about the blogs and bloggers at the heart of the story. All of that in the first chapter.

She was a journalist at a major network, mind. Just one among several who signed off on that story. Dan Rather still reports for 60 Minutes, and he still defends that fake and therefore inaccurate story.

Her colleagues at CBS and other MSM orgs would later so misreport the disaster in New Orleans as to actually hinder the rescue operations, smear the President and in all likelihood get people killed.

This is our mainstream media: Trafficking in rumors, engaging in frauds and coverups, then reaping the benefits of a book deal afterwards. Mapes will probably end up chairing a major j-school somewhere.

It's enough to make a bitter cynic out of the pope.