The Great American Gathering


One of the last memorable things that happened in France was a trip to the beach. I’d started missing my American brethren so I called upon them on Reddit to see how many were in France and might be willing to have a meet up.

It would be my last free day before I started working so I wanted to make the best of it. Me and the girl from my previous post had started dating and I brought her along so she could have a great laugh when us ‘mericans do something silly again.’ She didn’t have to wait long.

I’m a terrible organizer and since I had no idea of the area I just said what beach we would meet and that I would give them a call with our location when we got there. Lo and behold as we arrived we saw two very loud guys with American flag boxers commenting on the girls passing by.

My lady just turned towards me and said “These must be friends of yours!” Yeah, they were.

We introduced ourselves and I started talking about how we just have to guide the rest of the guys now.

I sent out our location and we didn’t have to wait long before the others started arriving. In the meantime my girlfriend was making jokes about typical American tourists with their sandals, big bellies and always carrying around beer.

She was surprised that they didn’t have beer with them already, practically praised them. They just looked at each other and responded “We already got that taken care of.”

Not two minutes later four guys arrived with refrigerators full of beer; screaming at each other whole way as the whole beach turned their heads towards them to see what is happening. While I was face palming a certain little devil was laughing her ass off. I guess it is true when they say we bring part of America with us wherever we go.


As everyone gathered up we went swimming and played around. Eventually we all decided to get some rest and what else would the subject of our conversation be than differences between countries.

One of the guys noted how it sometimes feels annoying that no one can understand our jargon and how things can be difficult to explain at times, especially if you are attempting to do so in French while still learning.

To which the Little Devil raised her voice again and shouted “Oh my god! That is so true. Half of the time I have no idea what Jack is saying and all I do is nod because I can’t be bothered to ask anymore.”

The best part of the day was when my friend of back home turned up as a surprise! It turns out he got the email where I was complaining about not knowing anyone over here and he decided to stop over on the way back from Bulgaria!

He found some low cost airfare on the web and decided that I was worth the $60 it was going to cost him.

Seeing him again was the best part of the day.

It’s kind of odd when I think about those days now as back then, I always expected people who understand English and to know American expressions. I suppose traveling to different places made me learn a lot more about myself than I thought I would.

Although in my case I was “lucky” enough to find someone to constantly put me down. No wonder Americans are so loud, our egos are much bigger than we think.

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  1. Something similar happened to me. A guy I met online came to visit me in the states and we were at the beach one day. He jokingly said how everyone on beach will probably be bunch of huge drunk guys yelling and cursing.

    With perfect timing a truck of rednecks pulled over, wife screaming “Get the beer Jim, I ain’t gonna carry it!” fml

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