World Summary


Outgoing FEMA head Mike Brown took a tongue lashing from Congressmen on both sides of the aisle yesterday. Louisiana's William Jefferson led the pack, but George Neumayr says Jefferson should be the last person to browbeat anyone.

Katrina was the biggest windfall for corrupt Louisiana in generations. It sounds crass to say it that way, but just look at the facts: That state misspent federal dollars for decades, then when disaster struck its officials played the race and guilt game to get billions shovelled their way. Is it reasonable to trust them not to go on a gigantic shopping spree or find ways to slide some of the billions into their own or their supporters' pockets?

I don't think so, and am increasingly coming around to Nick Gillespie's point of view. Except I wouldn't say it as politely as he does.

MORE: And now we learn that Crazy Ray Nagin, for now the incompetent baron of New Orleans, may not only have been the source for all those wild tales of rapes and shoot 'em ups in the flooded Big Easy. Nagin may also be the source of Louis Farrakhan's absurd claims that the feds blew up the levees to drown black people.

That last story, about the infamous incident on a Gretna bridge, has already been debunked--this blog was among the first to express skepticism when nearly everyone else was rushing to believe it was a racist plot.

Now thanks to Nagin and Calypso Louie it will take on a new life of its own.