The Great American Gathering


One of the last memorable things that happened in France was a trip to the beach. I’d started missing my American brethren so I called upon them on Reddit to see how many were in France and might be willing to have a meet up.

It would be my last free day before I started working so I wanted to make the best of it. Me and the girl from my previous post had started dating and I brought her along so she could have a great laugh when us ‘mericans do something silly again.’ She didn’t have to wait long.

I’m a terrible organizer and since I had no idea of the area I just said what beach we would meet and that I would give them a call with our location when we got there. Lo and behold as we arrived we saw two very loud guys with American flag boxers commenting on the girls passing by.

My lady just turned towards me and said “These must be friends of yours!” Yeah, they were.

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Why Not Try Something New?


In my last post I was talking about how I made a fool out of myself and decided to make amends by taking a girl out for dinner with the hope that she could help me get to know the city a little bit more. She said she knew a great place and all I needed to do was show up at 7pm.

So I put on my jeans and shirt, called a cab and I was on my way.

As I arrived I started thinking I may be dressed too casually. Upon entering the restaurant I noticed guys with ties and jackets, and my date was wearing a lovely long dress. As I greeted her, all embarrassed she decided to note that all I was missing was a NYC cap and sandals. So mean.

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The Ugly American Spreads His Wings



Over the last few years I have lived and worked as a teacher all over Europe, exploring different cultures, languages, cuisines and rhythms of life.

When I first started learning to teach English overseas with the team at Teach Away, I didn’t think things were going to end up this crazy.

My first destination was France where I lived for a year and half and I can say with certainty that it was the most memorable of all the places I have visited. Perhaps it was because it was the first time I left the states or the fact that I was greeted by every man and woman by receiving 2 kisses on my cheeks.

It felt rather strange being greeted by a complete stranger in that manner. It’s still a bit odd when I think about it, so for my first post I might as well write about that.

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Benefits of Using Electric Bikes

One of the disadvantages working in a city is traffic. You have to wait for thirty minutes to an hour or so before traffic gets moving. If you go by metro, the number of people traveling is overwhelming. If you are comfortable squeezing yourself inside among those hordes of people then that is okay, but if not, you have to find an alternative way to get to your destination and back to your home.

For a long time bicycles have helped riders travel from one destination to the other conveniently. Over time its style and looks are innovated to fit with time. The latest innovation is the electric bike. An electric bike or ebike is a bicycle that is integrated with electric motor that is used for propulsion. The motor assists the rider’s pedal power but, still remains the ability to be pedaled by the rider.

Using electric bikes has a lot of benefits to the rider. These are:

  • The electric motor attached to the bike gives extra power to the riders pedal making it easier when traveling towards a hill. No need to exert that much effort when going up the hill especially when you have groceries or shopping items with you.
  • Electric bikes can conveniently go around their way through the traffic. It is easier and you never have to worry about getting late again. Whether going to work or running some errands, you can easily maneuver yourself in the city.
  • Since you would not be exerting much effort in cycling, you do not have to worry that you will arrive at your destination, i.e. work, all smelly and sweaty. You do not need to bring any extra suit to change. The ebikes will save you the hassle.
  • Compared to cars, electric bikes does not need a lot of maintenance or the inconvenience of paying road taxes, i.e. toll fees. It can actually help you save money. You can only use your car when travelling outside the city. Ebikes does not have the capacity to travel long-distance. They tend to run for a maximum of 15-40 kilometers before its battery run out.
  • The batteries used on ebikes are lithium based. Hence, it is energy-efficient, long-lasting, and durable. It is the same battery that are used on cellular phones and laptops.
  • You can charge the drain batteries for just a few pennies. You do not have to spend big bucks for gasoline to get your vehicle moving.
  • It can travel up to 15mph within the city.

Using electric bikes has a lot of benefits that you can think of; plus it is healthy for you as it has the same concept as pedaling a bicycle but, without the motor that helps it move faster. You just have to always remember that the batteries are fully charged. It loses its power especially if you are biking uphill.

To know more about electric bikes and what type you should purchase, you can search the internet for reviews. It helps you get an idea what ebikes would fit you best.  








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Top Jobs for People that Like to Travel

Photo by Tax Credits

Traveling around the world is practically everyone’s ultimate dream. However it remains a dream for a lot of people due to time and budget constraints. But with globalization, travelling need not be a dream anymore. There are already jobs that entail you to travel a lot. That way you can live your dream and earn a decent living at the same time. Here are some career options for those who love traveling:

Phlebotomist. A phlebotomist is responsible for the collection and preparation of blood samples. Although it sounds like a fairly easy task, a phlebotomist or phlebotomy technician needs to have good knowledge about the different blood groups and the types of tests that would suit certain blood types. These technicians also need to be well-versed with medications and their reactions with the different blood types. Lastly they need to be adept with sample preparation, which is a delicate task. The scope of a phlebotomist’s work is rather niche, therefore the compensation is sizable. Moreover you can work anywhere in the world with these qualifications as there is high demand for this skill set. You have the option to delve into medical research and development, giving you more opportunities to work in different places.

Consultant. For those who are well versed in a particular type of industry, being a consultant can be a very fulfilling experience. Consultants enjoy a myriad of work related tasks while dealing with all kinds of people. Moreover it allows you to have a deeper grasp of the industry you are working in. To be an effective consultant, you do not only need to be experienced in a particular field, but you also need to have good communication skills. You should possess leadership qualities and be a team player. One of the upsides of being a consultant is the hefty pay. You can charge by the hour and usually your fees vary per client and depending on the scope of work. But the best part about consultancy work is the travelling. You go to where your client is. This type of job allows you flexibility of time to do more things such as travel while earning a substantial amount.

Photographers. What used to be considered a hobby in the past is now a full fledged profession. Many able photographers have turned their hobby into a freelance business that allows them to travel to different places to capture events for their clients. One of the more lucrative jobs, photography allows you to be your own boss, at the same time earn a sizable income. Formal education is not even necessary as you need creative juices and technical know how to be a good photographer.

Flight Attendant. Attendants are responsible for looking after passengers who board the airlines. They ensure that all the passengers’ needs are attended to while on board their airlines. One of the perks of being a flight attendant is the constant travelling. If you love to see different places and meet new people, this is definitely the job for you. One of the added perks of being an attendant is being able to see the sights of the places the flights go to.

Dentistry. is one of the more stable lines of industries. By working as a dentist, you can have the flexibility to work anywhere in the world. Dentists are needed by people all over the world so you can choose to open up your practice anywhere. Just take your pick among the many specializations of dentistry. You can choose to be a general dentist, cosmetic dentist, orthodontist, periodontist or oral surgeon. A general dentist handles the common tasks such as teeth cleaning and treatments. If you like doing teeth whitening tasks and veneers, being a cosmetic dentist is more up your alley. For more specialized niches, you choose between being an orthodontist, periodontist or oral surgeon. The orthodontists deal with misalignment of the jaw, while the periodontists deal with gum issues. Visit this website and find out how to become a dentist.

So if you really like to travel, take your pick from these jobs.

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How To Work From Home – On The Road

When I’m at home I work from home a lot of the time. As a teacher I get lots of marking to do and of course I do my marking at home. I have my own office set up, with my own computing system, and spend many hours per week working at home marking students work.

When I go travelling I still need to work. Of course I’m not teaching while travelling so I don’t have any marking to do, however there is always something else to do including writing articles for this website about my travels. I love to write and I love to travel and so on combining my writing with my travelling in producing this website.

I also do a little freelance writing, which I post on various websites, from time to time just to help supplement my travel funds.

However it’s also important to me that I have access to my data at home. For a range of reasons there is information on my home computer that I need to access while I’m travelling.

While travelling I only have a small laptop with me. It’s relatively old and doesn’t have much memory, and so I can’t store too much on it.

So how do I work from home while I’m travelling? Is it possible to access the data on your home computer from a remote location? Can I have access to everything I have on my home computer from the wilds?

Yes I can. I can work from home while on the road by using the relatively new service called “cloud computing”. So let’s see what cloud computing is and how it allows me to work from home while I’m on the road.

As you know it’s important to backup your work. At home I used to do this by backing up my data to a remote hard drive so that I had my data into different places. That way if ever I have a computer meltdown I have my data somewhere else and I can just load it back onto my computer once I have it fixed. But I can only access that data from home, not while I’m away.

Cloud computing refers to the ability of users to store data in a location where it can be accessed from any other location I might be in.

So in other words I can store my data from my home computer in a location where I can access it using my laptop from anywhere in the world, provided I have an Internet connection.

Let’s say I have run out of space for more photos on my laptop. Rather than starting to delete photos I can simply upload them to my cloud storage and then download them from there when I get home to store on my computer.

This allows me to access data which I have stored when I was working at home, as well as to upload data while I am travelling which I will later access when I’m at home.

So in other words I can do everything I can at home, while I’m on the road.

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